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Omega Chi Omega

TGi | ΩχΩ 


ΩχΩ Values


Equipping youth with the knowledge to become changemakers, entrepreneurs, scholars, or whatever they aspire to be


Mentoring & Supporting youth long-term to help them be successful


Exposing youth to experiences to widen their perspective of their future

What ΩχΩ offers

A full school year curriculum

Youth Stipends

Social-emotional learning

Leadership & entrepreneur development

Finanical Literacy

Passion Investment

Community & civic engagement

Networking & relationship building opportunities

ΩχΩ Curriculum

Unit One: Tranquility

Social Emotional Learning

Mental Health

Self Care

Relationship Building


Unit Two: Gratitude

Community Engagement

Community Service Projects

Campaign Building

Civic Engagement

Unit Three: Innovation

Youth Development

Entrepreneur Workshops

Leadership Development

Community Events

Finanical Literacy

Creative Development 

Workforce Development

Academic Support

Event Planning


ΩχΩ Activities

Exposure Behind The Block

Team building trips

Out of state excursions

River Of Life Activity

Shark Tank Experience

Finanical Investment Training

Leadership Development Certificate

And More!

ΩχΩ Goals 

Participants will develop, explore and pursue goals created in the program

  • Participants will go through a goal development training session 

  • Youth will develop goals utilizing SMART goals that align with their key interests, along with researching and identifying resources with ongoing support from program staff.

  • Participants will be matched with organizations, businesses, and/or professionals that specialize in areas of their key interest 

Position program participants to be successful in post-secondary endeavors

  • Participants will go through workforce & entrepreneurship development workshops that include; (but are not limited to) mock interviews, resume building, and a shark tank.

  • Participants will undergo financial literacy training(s) and open a bank account. 

  • Participants will be matched with a mentor.

  • Participants from each cohort will take the Pediatric Symptom Checklist 

Keep youth involved within TGi Movement post-program

  • Participants will be formally surveyed to assess growth, program accessibility, and program relevancy and enjoyment.

  • Uphold youth voices, and when necessary, the direction they recommend for daily activities will be heard and heeded.

Violence reduction within target communities

  • Participants will plan, at minimum, 3 community events. 

  • Participants can utilize Da Oasis (youth center) as a safe space in the community.

  • Participants will have a deeper connection to the resources & opportunities within the community. 

  • Participants. will be able to establish a sense of belonging within the community

Facts & Figures


Program Retention


Youth thought curriculum was relevant to them


Youth's favorite aspect of Omega Chi Omega was being able to connect with one another


Youth being involved within TGi outside of Omega Chi Omega programming


Youth Engaged through 2 cohorts of programming


Youth feel as if they were able to impact Chicago Lawn and surrounding communities


Youth successfully completed one or more years of Omega Chi Omega


Youth received a mentor for one-on-one coaching

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