T G i - Ω χ Ω

TGiMovement is a “by us, for us” organization. We created Omega Chi Omega (ΩχΩ) because we saw a need and opportunity amongst our generation. We are divided, especially in Chicago. ΩχΩ is our answer. Through ΩχΩ we will unite youth throughout Chicago to create a sense of brother/sisterhood and ownership while providing safe spaces and opportunities for personal growth. In essence, ΩχΩ will become a support hub through our peer mentoring focusing on Tranquility, Gratitude, and Innovation.


What ΩχΩ offers

A full school year curriculum

Youth Stipends

Social-emotional learning

Leadership & entrepreneur development

Finanical Literacy

Passion Investment

Community & civic engagement

Networking & relationship building opportunities


Unit One: Tranquility

Social Emotional Learning

Mental Health

Self Care

Relationship Building


Unit Two: Gratitude

Community Service and Civic Engagement

Community Service Projects

Campaign Building


Unit Three: Innovation

Dismantling Dream Deserts

Entrepreneur Workshops

Leadership Development

Community Events

Finanical Literacy

Creative Development 


ΩχΩ Goals

Launch - Development - Connect - Establish


Successfully launch a new ΩχΩ cohort each year while continuously expanding the programming to become year-round and steadily increasing our program capacity to employee 20 youth each cohort.


Develop young leaders that are well diverse in community service, civic engagement, mental health, and self-care, while being hyper-focused on nurturing their passion. Through ΩχΩ youth will become equipped with the necessary tools to create space & work the envision in the world.


Effectively connect ΩχΩ youth with relevant (to them) resources, organizations, corporations, and individuals to give them ownership over who & what they’re being connected to.


Establish a network with the youth between ΩχΩ cohorts.  A key aspect of ΩχΩ is creating a space for youth to develop a sense of brother/sisterhood across neighborhood boundaries.


Facts & Figures


Program Retention


Youth thought curriculum was relevant to them


Youth's favorite aspect of Omega Chi Omega was being able to connect with one another


Youth being involved within TGi outside of Omega Chi Omega programming