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Deeper Than Clothing

Expression Through Clothing 

TGi created its clothing line to not only Fundraise for its programming but to promote and encourage Youth Entrepreneurship and to Express ourselves through the design we put out to the world. ​


Fundraising Opportunities

Our clothing line journey began in 2017 where we created our community pop-up shop model. We began using our clothing line as a way for TGi to fundraise for our community service projects and programming.


Through TGi's clothing, we are able to make the perfect blend between socially conscious messages and urban attire. We believe people express themselves through clothing, through outfits, through colors. We are intentional about each piece we design and try to incorporate meaningful messages.


A Brand For The Community

We've seen brands put out designs that racially disrespect the black and brown community. We actively work to combat those brands by creating and building our TGi clothing line with integrity and with the trust of the community and supporters.

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