Speak Your Truth

SpokenCyphers is a cypher initiative for spoken word artists and poets. Spoken cypher focuses on the three Es; Expression, Exposure, and Experience. Creating a platform for a specific form of art that others a space for self-expression, a platform to bring exposure to the young artist and their art, and to offer an experience to black and brown youth. 



A platform for young spoken word artists and poets to express themselves on various topics in a unique cypher experience.


Each cypher will be recorded and live=streamed on social media. Each cohort of SpokenCypher will also have their cohort cypher published in a book. Each participant receives copies of their book for their own distribution along with being highlighted on TGi's social media platforms and website.



We are offering a unique experience for spoken word artists and poets. We are creating a cypher experience, while also giving young people to become published authors and being highlighted across TGi's social media platforms. Most importantly participants get the opportunity to connect with other artists/poets throughout the city breaking neighborhood boundaries through art.