Leaving A Footprint

Our History

TGiMovement was founded by Devonta Boston and Omphile Franklin because they saw a need in their community for genuine youth investment, community development, safe and inclusive spaces and creative/passion development. TGi stands for Tranquility, Gratitude, and Innovation. 

  • Tranquility – knowing self and others, mental health awareness and practicing selfcare.  

  • Gratitude – respecting and acknowledging predecessors and their success and being willing to give back to the community and the less fortunate. 

  • Innovation – cultivating leadership, talent, and passion to position youth to be on a pathway to dismantle Dream Deserts.  

TGi is a by us for us organization targeting black and brown youth between ages 10 - 24. Our main focus is dismantling Dream Deserts, which is a system youth fall into because lack of support, knowledge, resources, or in some special cases life circumstances. When youth fall into the Dream Desert they get into a “survival” state to get through life whether that be getting a degree just to get it, working, or being involved in street activity. Our answer to this is the Oasis. The Oasis is safe and inclusive spaces where youth connect with one another across neighborhood boundaries cultivating talent, leadership and passion. As two young black men who were also told to “go to college and get a good enough job,” that just wasn’t good enough for us. Black and brown people were thriving passionate people once before and we will be again. 

TGi also works to create partnerships with businesses and local organizations to help increase youth employment. Most importantly, TGi has developed a curriculum for a program structured as a fraternity/sorority that will ultimately instill a sense of belonging and ownership amongst the youth creating a brother/sisterhood through chapters across Chicago. 

Accomplishments/Milestones to date 

  • Acquired 7 grants 

  • Hosted 3 annual boomboxes 

  • Sold 400+ units of clothing 

  • Curated youth cohorts for 3 years consisting of 20-25 youth each 

  • Formed a board of directors 

  • Designed clothing for 3 other organizations 

  • Planned and executed 10 community service projects 

  • Created and developed a fraternity/sorority program