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Dream Desert

What Is A Dream Desert?

The system youth fall into when they're unable to follow their dreams (passion) because of the lack of resources, knowledge, passion and sometimes life circumstances.

Lack Of Resources

low amount of opportunities or infrastructure present in communities for youth to follow their passion

Lack Of Support

No mentorship or guidance available for youth and their passion

Lack Of Knowledge

Educational resources, fellowships, learning opportunities are all unavailable 

Life Circumstances

Issues can vary from youth homelessness to dealing with grief



What Is An Oasis

An Oasis are safe an inclusive spaces where youth can connect with one another across neighborhood boundaries cultivating leadership, talent, bonds and most importantly passion


Undergoing leadership development opportunities and being positioned be take on leadership responsibilities in projects, their communities and in life. 


Opportunities being present to allow youth to showcase/ work on their talents.


Curating spaces where youth can build relationships and learn from one another.


Investing in youth's dream. whether it be through hosting open mics to create space for young artist or connecting someone with entrepreneurial resources or connecting someone with a mentor.

2% of Millennials were self employed vs 7.6% of Generation Xers and 8.3% of Baby Boomers.

Young People represented 25% of new entrepreneursin 2013, a decrease from 35% in 1996.

54% of Millennials said they would be willing to quit
their job and start a business if they had the resources.

74% stated they would start a business if they knew where to get the help.

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