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Welcome To Da Oasis

Formerly known as "The Boombox", Which was our Community Pop-up Shop model. The Boombox was held for 2-4 weeks during the summer to create safe and inclusive spaces to dismantle dream deserts. During The Boombox, we hosted several events for the youth and the community like open mics, movie nights, game nights, and more right at the pop-up shop. This past August 15th TGi has opened Da Oasis. A Resource, Youth Center, Storefront, Programming Space, Event Space, Meeting Space, and overall a positive impact to the Chicago Lawn community.

Da Oasis


Talent Showcase

We curate spaces where youth have a platform to showcase their talents to one another, to connect, and overall we curate a space for youth to feel safe and welcomed.


A New Culture

Da Oasis is becoming a culture. Through Da Oasis we are taking the step to begin changing the negative stigmas that shroud 63rd street and southside communities. The experience we create for those who attend our events has become something sought after every summer, and soon something to be experienced year-round.


Fundraising Through Clothing

Our Deeper Than Clothing concept allows us to not only express ourselves through fashion, but it allows us to continuously fundraise for TGi throughout the year.


Building Community

We believe community can be built through experiences. We pride ourselves on being able to turn a storefront into something more. These events create opportunities for the youth.

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