4th Annual Boombox

A Pop-up Shop For The Community


Broken Glass

This year's boombox was definitely different than other years. Before this year, I have never had the police called on me 6 times... I have never had anyone break one of my signs, never had anyone harass us... never had our venues bricked... The blatant disrespect for black people has no filters. 


We hosted spaces for events like movie nights


Held spaces for issues we cared about like Breonna Taylor


Spaces for youth to display their talent


Spaces for youth to express themselves


We even turned a bad situation into an opportunity to take a stand


This Boombox wasn't as fluent as the other ones, but it was the most impactful. We were able to connect and engage over 80 youth at this years boombox through healing spaces, events and overall the Oasis