T G i - Ω χ Ω



TGiMovement is a “by us, for us” organization. We created Omega Chi Omega (ΩχΩ) because we saw a need and opportunity amongst our generation. We are divided, especially in Chicago. ΩχΩ is our answer. Through ΩχΩ we will unite youth throughout Chicago to create a sense of brother/sisterhood and ownership while providing safe spaces and opportunities for personal growth. In essence, ΩχΩ will become a support hub through our peer mentoring focusing on Tranquility, Gratitude, and Innovation.

Omega Chi Omega Meaning

  • Chi - The crossing of optic nerve fibers at the optic chiasm allows the visual cortex to receive the same hemispheric visual field from both eyes. Thus, when we cross these barriers of race and neighborhood, it’ll allow us to see the perspective from someone else’s shoes. 

  • Omega - Means “the end”. The world as it is, and the world as it should be. We want to create a culture in Chicago where youth will come together to promote a lifestyle of Tranquility, Gratitude, and Innovation. That is our end goal. Sometimes in order to get to the end you have to go back to the beginning. Fraternities were originally created as a way for black people to build community in white institutions, and to us Chicago is one big white institution.  

What ΩχΩ Offers

  • Leadership development

    • Equip youth with tools including power analysis, campaign building, one-to-ones and more so they are able to become leaders and advocate for things they are deeply passionate about. 

  • Brother/Sisterhood

    • Through Omega Chi Omega chapters, we will develop networks of youth across the city. Along with team building and relationship building practices we will utilize throughout the program.

  • Creative & passion development 

    • We will focus on individual talents and passions amongst the youth. Curating a space that focuses on what the youth want to do in life and what they care about rather than choosing for them.  

  • Resources 

    • Job opportunities

    • Workshops & training

    • Connections with people in various career fields 

ΩχΩ Impact

  • What impact will ΩχΩ have?

  • Dismantling Dream Deserts – We will create The Oasis in different communities through our chapters, thus making these communities spaces well youth feel safe and included and are able to develop as leaders and pursue their dream. 

  • Sense of belonging and ownership – Through being engaged in the community and building a brother/sisterhood youth will feel a sense of belonging and ownership. This one is important because research shows that a big factor in why youth joins gangs is sense of belonging. 

  • Youth network established – Through chapters youth will be able to connect with other chapters across neighborhood boundaries. 

  • Leaders/advocates developed – Through our training and workshops youth leaders will be developed and equipped to bring change to their communities impacting issues they care about.