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Fashion Show 2022 Recap

Fashion Show

Youth Opportunities

We recruited 15 youth/young people to take part in our first fashion show. These 15 young people went through several days of rehearsal under the guidance of a professional model, Kevelyn Wilson. For many of the participants, this was their first time modeling, and gained an experience they will never forget. 

Youth from our Omega Chi Omega program got the opportunity to create their own TGi outfit and model their own design. 

We believe in creating opportunities for youth to be creatives and to showcase their talents. This fashion show was ultimately a platform for the youth. 

Community Impact

While the fashion show was underway, we partnered with CP4P to have a Taqueria outside of Da Oasis to provide free tacos for the fashion show attendees and to anyone in the community.

Beyond providing free food for the community, the fashion show was also free to attend. This fashion show showed not only the possibilities and potential of 63rd street, but it also showed TGi is invested in this community, in 63rd street, and we are deeply invested in breaking down the barriers to transforming 63rd street and the community. 


Over 60 Attendees


5 Artists Highlighted


5 Businesses Highlighted

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